Being a Tour Leader and Guide all over the world, I have never worked with a Travel Agency as professional and correct at yours! Congratulations - keep it that way!!!.
- Marita Lykotrafiti
Tour Leader, Versus Travel Greece
In 2001 when I was searching for an inbounder for New Zealand, I asked the managers of many hotels and lodges which inbounders they liked to work with. Many mentioned Jim Monahan at Travel Time South Pacific, so when I got back to New York, I contacted Jim. He called me immediately, and I have booking with the company ever since.
I plan custom itineraries. Many of my clients have special wishes, perhaps combining salt and fly fishing with high blockquoteuality wine touring and top gardens. Whether we are working on a budget trip or a high-end luxury lodge trip, Travel Time has always helped me match my clients with just the right touring and accommodation.
When clients encounter travel problems, Travel Time is always there to help – even if it means leaving the golf course on a Sunday afternoon! Once when a couple had a head-on car collision, Travel Time visited them in the hospital and booked the rest of their trip – in a coach. They have helped clients who were stuck in storms. Once they double-checked a client’s return flight from Auckland to the USA, and discovered the flight had been postponed a day! Travel Time notified the clients of the change and got them an additional hotel night.
I consider Travel Time and their superb staff to be my right arm – 10,000 miles away!
- Karolyn Wrightson
Owner, Essential DownUnder Travel North Carolina, USA
   Finalist for Kiwi Specialist of the Year in 2008
As a specialist agent based in Leicester, England, my job involves ensuring that customers get the best value and most reliable reservation service that I can obtain. These clients range from visiting friends in New Zealand and allowing some time to see the main sights of the area through to upmarket very expensive luxury type accommodation.
Having used Travel Time for almost 20 years, I have always found them to be honest and professional whatever the request we have made to them.
By passing the basic requirements by e-mail, we receive, in return, a very comprehensive itinerary which is then passed to the client and always impresses the customers with the amount of information given.
It is also very reassuring to know that there is someone in the area ready to help should the need arise. We always mention this to customers and again a very important part of making the booking.
Having been in the travel industry for nearly 50 years, I wish there were more operators employing reliable staff who are fully aware of the job they are doing and the importance of making sure everything goes to plan. Travel Time certainly achieves this.
- Colin Chapman
Tomorrow’s World. Leicester, UK
As a California based tour wholesaler we have employed Travel Time South Pacific Ltd as our exclusive New Zealand inbound supplier since 1992. During all of our 17 year relationship TTSP has always impressed us with their highly competitive pricing, their destination knowledge, their professionalism, integrity, and product delivery.
I consider Jim Monahan and his team of experts to be an integral part of our South Pacific family and we could not successfully operate our New Zealand programs without them.
- Ron Hunt
Travel Arrangements. California, USA
Travel Time South Pacific Ltd have been working on our behalf for over 10 years and we thought it was time to write and express our appreciation of your fantastic efforts on our behalf.
We are especially pleased at how quickly you respond to our enquiries and the positive feedback we get from our mutual clients only goes to prove we have a winning formula.
We would recommend your services without hesitation.
Keep up the Good Work.
- Sarah & David
Carrick Travel. Leamington Spa, England
For the past 17 years it has been my pleasure to work closely with Jim Monahan and the staff at Travel Time South Pacific when booking tours and travel to New Zealand. I have always found them to be professional, reliable, knowledgeable, and friendly. They respond to my questions and requests in a timely manner and with detailed information. I would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone interested booking quality travel to New Zealand in all price ranges.
- Jan Coyle
Pacific Pathways. California, USA

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