February 2022 finally brings some good news to our ears!

In March 2020 the international borders to Australia and New Zealand were closed as COVID19 began to reach our shores.

The last two years have been extremely difficult and a rollercoaster of emotions for us all, especially when it comes to travel. It’s been a very long time coming but we are delighted that there are finally plans to reopen our borders to international tourists!

The details are subject to change so we do ask you to refer to the appropriate sites in each country for the latest news, as per the links below.

We aim to keep you up to date with the changes for both countries, and as of 9 February 2022, here is a summary of the latest updates:


The New Zealand Government has announced a phased approach to reopening its borders, to protect the country’s health system and people, relevant details as follows:

  • From 27 February 2022 – fully vaccinated New Zealand citizens can travel from Australia to New Zealand. People must have spent the last 14 days in Australia.
  • From 13 March 2022 – fully vaccinated New Zealand citizens from the rest of the world can travel to New Zealand.
  • From July 2022 (TBC) – visitors from Australia and other visa-waiver countries (including the United States, United Kingdom and many European countries) can travel to New Zealand (the Prime Minister has indicated that it is highly likely that this date will come forward)
  • From October 2022 (TBC) – New Zealand will fully open to visitors from anywhere in the world

Note – currently there are requirements in place for fully vaccinated travellers to test and self-isolate on arrival in New Zealand. We are expecting this to be updated, in the meantime please refer to Border Entry Requirements at Immigration.Govt.NZ and When New Zealand’s borders open on Covid19.Govt.NZ.


The Australian Government has announced that visitors from all countries of the world will be welcomed back into Australia from Monday 21 February 2022.

Conditions of entry include:
– must hold a valid visitor visa
– must be double vaccinated (see here for details of foreign vaccination certificates)

Note – All states and territories are open internally between each other, with the exception of Western Australia (WA) which is still closed to Australians and International Visitors.
Quarantine and post-arrival testing requirements are determined by State and Territory governments and may change at short notice – keep up to date with the latest details on Australia.Gov.Au – information for international travellers and Covid19.HomeAffairs.Gov.Au.

We are looking forward to working with you to once again be able to offer this amazing region in your sales program.
If you are interested in discussing options for your clients, or how to market Australia and New Zealand to your database, please get in touch – we would love to help!