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Meet Our Team

Owners ~ Scott, Barbara & Les Mehrtens

Travel Time South Pacific Office Team

Company Director

Les Mehrtens

Managing Director

Scott Mehrtens

Top Tips:

Before you leave: “don’t leave home without travel insurance.”

For packing – “bring one universal power adapter and a multi-board with power points and USB ports so you can charge all your devices from one single powerpoint.”

When you get here – “try the food the wine and to heck with the expanding waistline – remember to pack comfy clothing!”

Product & Operations Manager

Marilyn Edgecombe

Top Tip: “Make sure you spend enough time in your destination – driving distances are deceptive so you’ll want to spend a few days longer than you might think.”


Financial Controller

Lynnette Bryant

Top Tip: “Prepare for any weather.”

Marketing Manager

Vicki Annison

Top Tip: “If you want to travel more – make it a top priority! You’ll never regret it.”

Tour Designer


Top Tip: “Seize every opportunity to travel and meet the people of the destination you’re visiting.”

Project Administrator


Top Tip: “Give yourselves as much time as you can possibly afford so you are not in a rush.”

Database Administrator


Top Tip: “Pack light, you won’t wear half of the clothes you think you might need.”

Marketing Coordinator


Top Tip: “Give yourself plenty of time”

Tour Designer


Top Tip: “Wear layers of clothing – four seasons in one day can be quite typical for New Zealand.”

Tour Designer


Top Tip: “Book your accommodation well in advance!”

Tour Designer


Top Tip: “Slow down and enjoy the surroundings and scenery.”

Tour Designer


Top Tip: “Always remember an adaptor.”

Tour Designer


Top Tip: “Experience something entirely new – put down your phone and enjoy the moment!”