Boutique Journeys

Our small group escorted tours are very special.
We proudly offer flexible, comfortable, good-humoured and unforgettable journeys with no more than 16 guests per tour. Our unique itineraries and hand-selected accommodation offer opportunities for personalised experiences and wonderful service.

Our itineraries range from 10 – 21 days. Our master journey is a superb 21-day tour that packs in the maximum number of unforgettable experiences. If you don’t have 21 days to spare, or if you wish to combine an escorted journey with tailor-made arrangements, then pick one of our shorter tours which join and leave the main tour during our three-week adventure through New Zealand.

Small Group Tours

Our escorted tours are just that – OURS – created by us, exclusively for our guests. Not only are our itineraries unique, but we choose to tour with no more than 16 people which means that our Small Group “Boutique Journeys” offer amazing opportunities to get close to the real New Zealand.

Getting Close Up

Because we are few in number, we can go places and see things that are simply not practical for ‘coach tour’ groups of 40 or more. So while we include all the ‘must-see’ sights in our itineraries, we also add smaller-scale adventures that only a small group can experience.

You’ll never forget your first sight across Auckland Harbour, or of Aoraki/Mount Cook, but your happiest memories may well be of our guided walk through the Waimangu Valley, comparing wine notes in Hawkes Bay or enjoying a leisurely lunch in a Coromandel café.

Smaller Vehicles

Our small group tour vehicles are agile enough to explore roads less travelled, approaching New Zealand’s most beautiful sights – both iconic and hidden gems – from a different angle. We can get off the beaten track just as easily as we can cruise Highway 1. Our vehicles are also very comfortable, with good legroom, headroom and large windows so you can see where you’re going, but we don’t want you to experience New Zealand through plate glass, so we take every opportunity we can to get you off the coach!

Great Leaders / Expert Guides

New Zealand is a small proud nation and often the first question visitors are asked is ‘what do you think of our country?’

Kiwis are passionate about showing visitors the best of New Zealand so not only are our hand-picked leaders safe drivers in all conditions, but they are also happy personalities, full of knowledge, enthusiasm, insights and practical advice. At some points we meet up with a local guide to add his or her expertise to enhance your experience. These include Kiwis who are wildlife, eco, geothermal or Maori specialists with whom you can engage on a personal level. Our driver/guides will also go “the extra mile” literally to showcase some of New Zealand’s hidden gems!

Flexible Schedules

With a small group we can be more flexible about each day’s timetable, creating opportunities for surprise encounters and time for stops en route. We can stop along the way for a photo opportunity; if there’s a new exhibition at a museum we can linger longer and if it’s 90o in the shade we can cool down at the beach before we hit the road again. Our itineraries range from 10 to 21 days so there’s one to suit you, and we are also flexible enough to top and tail any tour with tailor-made arrangements to suit you.

In Good Company

In a group of no more than 16 it is easy to find common ground with like-minded travellers and at the same time enjoy a variety of dinner table conversations. Our small group size also means we can dispense with ‘coach tour’ admin like asking you to wear a name badge – good manners and good humour are more important to us than strict timekeeping.

Discovering New Zealand in such good company is a very special experience, with the potential for serendipitous surprises, a lot of laughs and perhaps new friends for life.


Our itineraries include a wonderful mix of hotels and home-stays along the way, because we are not confined to using mass market hotels. Sometimes we choose a large city hotel because of its central location, but wherever possible we opt for smaller properties with their own character, including local rural properties so that you can enjoy some real Kiwi hospitality.