Birds and Wildlife


Australia and New Zealand are filled with exotic bird and wildlife. In Australia there are many unique animals; from koalas and kangaroos to wombats and quokkas. New Zealand’s native birds include a diverse array of rare and endangered species such as the Kakapo, Kea, the Kotuku White Heron, and the iconic Kiwi bird.

Marine mammals are extensive throughout the waters surrounding Australia and New Zealand with many varieties of whales, dolphins, seals and sea lions that can be encountered on organised tours.

We can provide superb opportunities to get up close and personal to nature’s spectacle, including its iconic and diverse wildlife in this region. Authentic encounters to view native animals and birds are a must of any wildlife lover.

Otago - Monarch Wildlife Cruises - Half Day Tour
Bird flying across water
Seals in the wild
Kangaroos on grass